Highlights of the 2020 Annual Report

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29 juil 2021

Highlights of the 2020 Annual Report

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The Annual Report 2020, summarized in the Highlights of the Annual Report, encapsulates the full range of IOM’s operations during the year to support migrants, displaced populations and other people on the move, as well continued work to realize the benefits of safe, orderly and regular migration.
The Annual Report is reflective of an extraordinary year, in which IOM adapted and responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic caused major disruption, including unprecedented restrictions to global mobility, and left many millions of migrants and displaced populations in a more vulnerable position. During the year, IOM implemented COVID-19-related operations in 140 countries to ensure that migrants, displaced populations and communities had access to COVID-19 services, and responded to the large number of migrants left stranded across the world, in addition to continuing existing humanitarian and relief programming. At the same time, IOM continued to invest in its own institutional development, and further strengthened UN cooperation across the world, including through coordination of the United Nations Network on Migration.
The Annual Report is available in printable PDF. The Highlights of the Annual Report are available in both printable PDF and mobile versions.