IOM Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines: Chapter 2

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01 juin 2021

IOM Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines: Chapter 2

Norms, standards and management for monitoring and evaluation
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Chapter 2 describes the norms and standards for conducting M&E, and highlights the main roles and responsibilities related to the management of M&E norms and standards.

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  • List of abbreviations and acronyms
  • 2.1. Professional norms and standards in monitoring and evaluation
    • 2.1.1. Professionalism and integrity in monitoring and evaluation 
    • 2.1.2. Informed consent 
  • 2.2. Monitoring and evaluation management: Roles and responsibilities
    • 2.2.1. Evaluation
    • 2.2.2. Monitoring 
    • 2.2.3. Budgeting for monitoring, as well as for evaluation
  • Annexes