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26 oct 2018

Study Report on Community Integration and Perceptions of Border security in the Agadez Region

The purpose of this study, funded by the Counterterrorism Bureau of the United States Department of State, is to analyse local people’s perceptions of border management in Agadez region as well as the role of border authorities in pre-existing response mechanisms to massive flows of displaced or migrating populations. The Agadez region, located in northern Niger in the Ténéré desert, is characterized by fragile stability and threatened by various economic and security risks. Lack of effective border control has been a determining factor in the unimpeded movement and development of various terrorist and criminal groups that occupy and regularly cross the border areas of the Agadez region. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) office in the Niger works to strengthen the capacities of national and regional authorities by developing a structured and resilient community commitment that can support the work of local and regional authorities.

  • Introduction
  • Research Methodology
    • 1. Sample profile
    • 2. Perceptions of local communities on border management
    • 3. Security risks at the border
    • 4. Perception of local communities on terrorism
    • 5. Effectiveness of border management
    • 6. Communication between authorities and communities on border security
    • 7. Response to an emergency situation
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations for the future implementation of the Community Prevention Committees
  • Annex: Questionnaire
  • Annex: Processing of survey data