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22 oct 2015

Spotlight on the young and skilled: Exploring the potential contribution of Kenya's diasporas in the South

This study on Kenyan diasporas in the South brings to light important  findings on South-South migration as well as innovative insights for  Kenyan policymakers and development practitioners. It addresses the  geographic and skills distribution of Kenyan diasporas in the South  (in particular in 10 African countries), explains the motivating factors  behind their migration and shows the ways in which they interact with  their country of origin at the household, community and national level.  

The study discloses that the majority of Kenyan diaspora migrants tend to be young and skilled workers, often employed in professions where their technical skills are used, and willing to get involved in Kenyan national development. Nevertheless, the study also highlights that up to now there has been limited formal engagement between the Government of Kenya and members of the diasporas in Africa. A door is opened to a new and fruitful collaboration through key recommendations such as dual citizenship or voting rights. This overview of Kenyan diasporas in the South assists not only Kenyan policymakers to engage their diasporas for national development, but also the members of diasporas themselves and their associations to understand the role and relevance they could have in their country of origin.

  • List of acronyms and abbreviations
  • List of tables and figures
  • Executive summary
  • Résumé analytique
  • Resumo executivo
  • 1. Diasporas and development
    • 1.1 Introduction
    • 1.2 Diasporas and development: a literature review
    • 1.3 Diaspora engagement policies
    • 1.4 Diasporas and development in Kenya
  • 2. Methodology
    • 2.1 Mapping the diaspora
    • 2.2 Online diaspora survey
    • 2.3 In-depth interviews
    • 2.4 Embassy questionnaire
  • 3. Kenyan diaspora engagement
    • 3.1 Diaspora profile
    • 3.2 Migration patterns
    • 3.3 Remittances
    • 3.4 Diaspora investment
    • 3.5 Diaspora associations and networks
    • 3.6 Return migration
  • 4. Conclusion
  • 5. References