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28 juil 2016

Republic of Uganda: Border and Migration Management Assessment

The Republic of Uganda Border and Migration Management Assessment was carried out in 2014 in order to give an overview of the migration management structure of the country. This publication allows the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control of Uganda and other stakeholders to properly identify development needs and requirements. The assessment focuses on the following key areas of border and migration management: (a) administration; (b) migration regulatory environment; (c) border operations and policies; and (d) information technology management. It gives 38 specific recommendations for the short, medium and long term on how to improve border and migration management in Uganda. This assessment was requested by the Government of Uganda and financed by the Government of Japan.


  • List of abbreviations
  • Background
  • Chapter 1. Environment and assessment background
    • Chapter summary
    • 1.1. Country environment (economic development, geography, migration and border management, irregular migration, transnational crime)
    • 1.2. Country immigration and border control priorities
    • 1.3. International/Regional migration priorities
    • 1.4. Assessment objectives and rationale
    • 1.5. Assessment workplan
  • Chapter 2. Assessment methodology
    • Chapter summary
    • 2.1. Assessment scope, framework and plan
  • Chapter 3. Administration
    • Chapter summary
    • 3.1. Border Management Agency – Administration responsibility overview
    • 3.2. Director for Citizenship and Immigration Control management structure
    • 3.3. Finance, budget and resource management
    • 3.4. Recruitment, organizational culture, operational and management skills training
    • 3.5. Work conditions including salary, performance expectations and standards management
    • 3.6. Values and conduct
  • Chapter 4. Migration regulatory environment
    • Chapter summary
    • 4.1. Overview of current general regulatory framework
    • 4.2. Legislation and procedures (pre-arrival, entry, stay, departure, residence,compliance, detention, people smuggling, people trafficking, abuse of power penalties)
    • 4.3. International obligations and agreements (humanitarian, transnational crime,ICAO Standards)
    • 4.4. Inter-agency and regional cooperation
    • 4 Table of contents
  • Chapter 5. Border operations and policies
    • Chapter summary
    • 5.1. Border operations overview
    • 5.2. Cross-conferral of powers
    • 5.3. Intelligence
    • 5.4. Detention
    • 5.5. Counter-trafficking
    • 5.6. The passport system
    • 5.7. The work permit system
    • 5.8. BCP and regional office human resource management
    • 5.9. Ministry of Health
  • Chapter 6. Information technology management
    • Chapter summary (developed in line with objectives in Chapter 1: Environment and assessment background)
    • 6.1. ICT environment: Current migration and population management projects
    • 6.2. Overview of IT environment to support the border management business processes..56
    • 6.3. Architectural overview including hardware and software at head office and border checkpoints
    • 6.4. IT security environment (Application access, data capture, storage, archiving, backup and other features)
    • 6.5. Management and administration of the IT environment (including platform, licensing,technical support, database administration and system performance)
  • Chapter 7. Summary of key findings and recommendations
  • The list of recommendations that follows is sorted by priority and responsible agency for pursuing the changes
  • Additional recommendations / post-completion of the assessment
  • Annexes
  • Annex 1. Maps
  • Annex 2. Full list of consultations
  • Annex 3. Attendance list of the assessment development workshop (20 and 21 May 2014)
  • Annex 4. Report on the field visits undertaken during the assessment 
  • Annex 5. DCIC organizational chart
  • Annex 6. Full list of relevant international treaties and conventions signed/ratified by Uganda