Report on the contribution of the NCATS to the identification and assistance for victims of trafficking (October 2009 – September 2010)

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The National Coalition of Anti-Trafficking Shelters – NCATS in Albania was founded in July 2007. It was established and functions based on the collective will of five agencies that provide rehabilitation and reintegration services for victims of human trafficking – the National Reception Centre for Victims of Trafficking, the “Different & Equal” organization, the “Vatra Psychosocial Centre”, the “Life and Hope” Community Centre, and the organization “Other Vision”. The main objective of NCATS is “cooperation and coordination of work and events or services, protection, assistance, support, rehabilitation, and reintegration of victims of trafficking”. NCATS also seeks to promote the rights of victims of trafficking, to develop anti-trafficking projects and conduct fundraising, and to undertake consultations with state and non-state agencies for drafting or improving policies and strategies related to the prevention of trafficking, the penalization of traffickers and the protection of victims. 

This report provides information on the main aspects of the work of NCATS: 
1. Efforts for the identification, referral, and rehabilitation and reintegration assistance for victims of trafficking; 
2. Efforts to enhance inter-institutional cooperation and capacity building for the identification, referral, and assistance for victims of trafficking; 
3. Efforts for fundraising for the continued provision and delivery of assistance for victims of trafficking.

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  • Acknowledgements
    • Chapter I: Necessary information for reading this report
    • Chapter II: Organization of content of the report, its goals and methodology
    • Chapter III: Referral and profile of cases referred to NCATS
    • Chapter IV: Situation prior to and during trafficking and recommendations for the prevention of trafficking
    • Chapter V: NCATS Assistance for Victims of Trafficking and Violence
    • Chapter VI: Capacity building and strengthening inter−institutional cooperation for the identification, referral, and assistance for victims of trafficking and violence
    • Chapter VII: Fundraising to continue the continuity of assistance for victims of trafficking
  • Annex