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22 oct 2015

Referral Guide for Reintegration of Returnees in Armenia (Armenian)

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Reintegration is an important element for ensuring the sustainability of return.  The Referral Guide for Reintegration of Returnees in Armenia was developed to serve as referral mechanism for all the bodies involved in reintegration of returnees.  

The Guide covers the various issues related to reintegration such as citizenship, residence, return documents, entry to Armenia and registration; pensions, benefits; economic and social reintegration; employment and self-employment (entrepreneurship) services for returnees, vocational training services; training and re-qualification; education and language training; banking system and micro-crediting; military service; customs and tax issues; legal aid; and health and health insurance.  It contains description of reintegration programmes and assistance by the state bodies, international and non-governmental organizations.  In addition, the Guide includes useful addresses and contacts as well as information and links to various useful resources and materials on reintegration and migration.  

The Guide was elaborated in close cooperation with the Armenian Government, and non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations active in the field of reintegration.  

The Guide was developed within the framework of the “Technical Assistance to the Armenian Government to initiate labour migration arrangements” Project funded by the IOM Development Fund.

  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Part I. Reintegration system in Armenia
  • Part II. Referral system and institutional framework of the reintegration
  • Part III. Recommended net thematic resources and bibliography
  • Part IV. Contacts of Main Organizations involved in Reintegration of Returnees
  • Part V. Annexes