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06 oct 2015

Profile of Potential Labour Migrants: Analytical Report on a Sample Survey Conducted in Armenia (Armenian)

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The needs assessment was administered to 300 potential migrants in Armenia to measure the demographic characteristics, social description of potential migrants, their migration preferences, as well as to identify the sources of information for the migrants.  The findings of the needs assessment were used to pioneer an IOM Migration resource center in Armenia.  

The review was conducted and the study was published within the framework of the EC funded regional programme “Informed Migration – An Integrated Approach to Promoting Legal Migration through National Capacity Building and Inter-regional Dialogue between the South Caucasus and the EU.”

  • 1. General Overview of the Conducted Survey
    • 1.1. The Survey Scope and Geography
    • 1.2. Survey and Sampling Methodology
    • 1.3. Conducting the Survey and the Working Group
    • 1.4. Fieldwork Results
  • 2. Analysis of Survey Results
    • 2.1. Demographic Composition of the Examined Dataset
    • 2.2. The Social Composition of the Sample
    • 2.3. Labor Migration Preferences of the Surveyed
    • 2.4. Work Experience Abroad
  • 3. Conclusions