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21 sep 2015

Overview of Guardianship Systems for Unaccompanied Minor Asylum-seekers in Central Europe: Synthesis Report 2012

Designed as a Synthesis Report, the “Overview of guardianship systems for unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers in Central Europe” publication is part of the “Improving the Quality of Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers’ Guardianship and Care in Central European Countries” project that was carried out with funding by the European Union. The project was implemented between September 2011 and August 2012 by the International Organization for Migration in cooperation with partners in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The Synthesis Report provides an overview of the guardianship systems, practices and policies in the aforementioned seven countries. The publication is a consolidated account of information gathered through desk research of legislation, previous studies, reports and projects and semi-structured, individual interviews with experts. It includes conclusions/recommendations on how assisting the unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in these countries could be more effective and efficient. 

The main purpose of the report was to underpin the development of a training manual and curriculum for guardians and caregivers in the project countries. The manual was subsequently used to train staff dealing with unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers in each country. Both the report and the manual can be downloaded from IOM Hungary’s website, under featured publications.

  • List of contributors
  • List of figures and tables
  • Acronyms
  • Introduction
    • 1. Definition of key terms
    • 2. Overview of basic facts about the target groups
    • 3. The system of guardianship/trusteeship
    • 4. Appointment, duration and termination of guardianship/trusteeship
    • 5. Frequency of contact between guardians and unaccompanied minors
    • 6. Competencies and staff development
    • 7. Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of guardianship/trusteeship
    • 8. Best interests of the child
    • 9. Other issues
  • Conclusions/recommendations
  • References