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03 oct 2015

Orderly and Humane Migration: An Emerging Development Paradigm

The publication is a collection of the articles presented at the seminar on "Orderly and Humane Migration: An Emerging Development Paradigm" and the seminar proceedings held under the joint auspices of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS), Rajshahi University and International Organization for Migration (IOM) Dhaka held on 6 August 2002. The articles are (a) "The Nexus between Migration, Globalization and Development: A New Discourse" by Md. Shahidul Haque, (b) "Migration Challenges of Bangladesh: Options and Policy Responses" by Tasneem Siddiqui, (c) "Migration Trafficking Interface: Implications for Policies and Programmes" by Rina Sen Gupta, (d) "Combating Trafficking: Commitment, Policies and Programmes of Bangladesh Government" by Ferdous Ara Begum. The papers presented in the seminar highlighted certain aspects of migration and human trafficking. The presenters discussed international migration and migration trends, focusing on one of the most important factors of increased migration in recent times - globalisation. The papers also highlighted that as the scope for labour migration through regular channels is limited, it has been observed that smuggling and trafficking in persons is widespread. Limitations in the existing global trade regime where goods, services and capital are moving freely across borders and the movement of people is restricted along with reservations in national laws concerning labour migration are factors that play a contributing role to such a scenario. The seminar emphasised that unless and until there is an option of liberal and regulated movement of people along with capital, goods and services, people will resort to irregular channels and trafficking in persons cannot be curbed.

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