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28 sep 2015

Nutrition Surveillance Report (Issue No. 2, January-December 2011)

This report presents child growth and malnutrition status of refugee children examined by the IOM Health Assessment Programme at seven key locations around the world namely Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal and Thailand. The report analyses prevalence of two key indicators for protein–energy malnutrition namely weight-for-height or wasting and height-for-age or stunting. Data for this analysis is generated from the IOM data management software called Migrant Management Operational System Application (MiMOSA) using routinely collected information on age, gender, height (or length) and weight for refugee children aged 6–59 months. The public health importance or severity of malnutrition among refugee children in each country is assessed using internationally standardized criteria recommended by WHO.  The IOM Health Assessment Programme plans for regular production and dissemination of this publication for better refugee health monitoring and to inform design of essential nutrition interventions for vulnerable refugee children.

  • Child growth and malnutrition indicators
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Summary of findings
    •     Ethiopia
    •     Iraq
    •     Jordan
    •     Kenya
    •     Malaysia
    •     Nepal
    •     Thailand
  • Comments on the interpretation of findings
  • Recommendations
  • References