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23 oct 2019

Migration in Zambia: A Country Profile 2019

This Migration Profile is owned by the Government of Zambia and a living document prepared through a government-led technical working group in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders and with support from the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The Migration Profile is a tool relevant for evidence-based decision-making, policy development and a capacity-building framework to enhance the collection and analysis of migration data in Zambia. The full Migration Profile provides an overview of trends, patterns, impact and governance of migration in Zambia.

  • Foreword
  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • Technical working group members
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • Glossary of migration terms and concepts
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Part A: Migration trends and migrant characteristics
    • A.1. Historical overview of migration in Zambia
    • A.2. Key driving factors of contemporary migration and general cross-border mobility
    • A.3. Immigration
    • A.4. Immigration by employment status
    • A.5. Immigration for study purposes
    • A.6. Involuntary immigration
    • A.7. Emigration and return migration
    • A.8. Emigration for employment
    • A.9. Emigration for study purposes
    • A.10. Involuntary emigration
    • A.11. Return migration
    • A.12. Mixed migration
    • A.13. Irregular migration
    • A.14. Stranded migrants
    • A.15. Human trafficking
    • A.16. Migrant children
    • A.17. Internal migration
    • A.18. Internal displacements
    • A.19. Tourism
  • Part B: Impact of migration
    • B.1. Migration and population change
    • B.2. Migration and economic development
    • B.3. Migration, employment and the labour market
    • B.4. Migration and social development
    • B.5. Migration and gender
    • B.6. Human rights and migrant protection
    • B.7. Migration and health
    • B.8. Migration and the environment
    • B.9. Migration and tourism
  • Part C: Migration governance
    • C.1. Policy framework
    • C.2. Laws and regulations (national, regional and international levels)
    • C.3. Institutional framework
    • C.4. International cooperation
  • Part D: Summary of key findings
    • D.1. Main findings on current trends, migration policies and the impact of migration
  • Part E: Recommendations
    • E.1. Recommendations for the Government of Zambia on the migration governance framework
    • E.2. Recommendations on mainstreaming migration into development policies
    • E.3. Recommendations on improvements to migration statistics and the overall evidence base
  • Annex: Statistical tables
  • Bibliography