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11 nov 2015

Migration - Spring 2009

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Published several times a year, Migration is an update on the Organization's activities and international migration policy issues. Migration is available in English, French and Spanish.

  • Let’s Not Make a Migrant Crisis Out of an Economic One
  • Diversity Initiative Fights Xenophobia and Racist Crime
  • Bringing Hope to Haiti’s Mud-Ravaged Streets
  • IOM Doctors Improve Health Care, Warn of Poverty After Cyclone Nargis
  • Refugees Leave Remote Thai Border Camps for US Resettlement
  • Child Marriage, Drug Smuggling and Forced Prostitution – An Afghan Trafficking Experience
  • Poverty and Unemployment Push Nicaraguans Into Arms of Traffickers and Smugglers
  • New Tool To Improve Counter-Trafficking Legislation in the Caribbean
  • Luring Cape Verdeans Back to Paradise
  • Storming the Waves - An Interview with Author Abasse Ndione