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06 nov 2017

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. VII, Number 3, October-November 2017)

Special Issue: Migration Research Leaders Syndicate

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has established the Migration Research Leaders Syndicate to support the development of the global compact for migration. The Syndicate comprises migration experts from around the world with deep knowledge of a wide variety of aspects of migration. The 36 Syndicate members and 9 advisers herald from all continents, encompassing origin, transit and destination country perspectives. Through initiatives such as this, IOM is providing the space and framework to enable leading migration experts to inform the global compact for migration process with the latest thinking in academic and applied research.

Syndicate members were invited to contribute technical papers on migration policy conundrums and innovative ideas for effective responses designed to encourage aspects of safe, orderly and regular migration. This publication showcases a total of 26 papers that will be brought together in a consolidated publication for release in late November. The selected contributions have a strong focus on policy analysis and recommendations, and tackle some of the more pressing issues that have emerged during the global compact for migration process thus far.

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  • Introduction by Marie McAuliffe and Michele Klein Solomon
  • How Does Migration Arise? by Jørgen Carling
  • Border Security, Migration Governance and Sovereignty by Susan Martin and Elizabeth Ferris
  • Supporting Communities Under Migration Pressure: The Role of Opportunities, Information and Resilience to Shocks by Linguère Mously Mbaye
  • The Human Development Visa Scheme: Applying Practical and Sustainable Policy Levers to Actively Encourage Migrants to Undertake Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration by Marie McAuliffe
  • Whatever Happened to the Migrant Smuggling Protocol? by Anne Gallagher
  • Migrant Return and Reintegration Policy: A Key Component of Migration Governance by Kathleen Newland
  • Why Values, not Economics, Hold the Key to the Populist Right - and to Crafting New Migration Narratives by Eric Kaufmann
  • Publications