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29 juin 2016

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. VI, Number 2, April-May 2016)

The new issue of Migration Policy Practice focuses primarily on issues of labour market integration of migrants in Europe. In particular, this special issue summarizes a selection of presentations from the recent “Integration through Qualification (IQ)” symposium on labour market integration of immigrants in Germany and Europe that was held in Berlin on 6 April 2016. This includes articles by by Fabian Junge and Liam Patuzzi (Agency for the Development of Professional Education (Entwicklungsgesellschaft für berufliche Bildung)), Pedro Calado (High Commissioner for Migration of Portugal), Bernd Parusel (Swedish Migration Agency) and Alessandra Venturini (University of Turin and Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute).

In addition, this issue of Migration Policy Practice includes an article by Sabrina Juran (Population and Development Branch of the United Nations Population Fund) on international migration seen through the lens of Amartya Sen’s capability approach; and an article by Julia Black, Ann Singleton and Arezo Malakooti (IOM Global Migration Data Analysis Centre) which discusses IOM’s latest findings on migrant deaths on the Central Mediterranean route.

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  • Introduction by Solon Ardittis and Frank Laczko
  • Integration at the Crossroads of Employment: Report of the IQ Symposium "Labour Market Integration of Immigrants in Germany and Europe" by Fabian Junge and Liam Patuzzi
  • Migration and integration from a holistic perspective: Experiences from Portugal by Pedro Calado
  • Policies for labour market integration of refugees in Sweden by Bernd Parusel
  • Migrants and migration policies for innovation by Alessandra Venturini
  • International migration seen through the lens of Amartya Sen's capability approach by Sabrina Juran
  • The Central Mediterranean route: Deadlier than ever by Julia Black, Ann Singleton and Arezo Malakooti
  • Publications
  • MPP Readers’ Survey