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14 sep 2016

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. VI, Number 3, June-September 2016)

Special Issue on Afghan Displacement

Welcome to the new issue of Migration Policy Practice, a special edition on recent and ongoing trends on Afghan displacement. Guest edited by Marie McAuliffe, Head of Migration Policy Research at IOM Headquarters in Geneva, this special issue examines some of the key underlying Afghan displacement factors; current displacement data holdings; movements to Central Asia; Afghan integration in neighbouring Iran; decision-making in transit, return and reintegration to Afghanistan; and identity and sense of belonging of Afghan settlers.

Drawing from contributions to a conference on Afghan migration convened at the Australian National University in March of this year, this special issue includes articles by experts from the University of Oxford, the University of New South Wales, the Calcutta Research Group and the Observer Research Foundation, the University of Tehran, Maastricht University, IOM, Samuel Hall and Monash University.

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  • Introduction by Marie McAuliffe
  • The effects of Afghanistan’s political evolution on migration and displacement by Nematullah Bizhan
  • Deconstructing Afghan displacement data: Acknowledging the elephant in the dark by Susanne Schmeidl
  • The “invisible” Afghans in Central Asia by Anita Sengupta
  • Integration of Afghans in Iran: Patterns, levels and policy implications by Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi and Rasoul Sadeghi
  • Afghans in Greece and Turkey seeking to migrate onward: Decision-making factors and destination choices by Katie Kuschminder and Khalid Koser
  • Return and reintegration to Afghanistan: Policy implications by Nassim Majidi and Laurence Hart
  • Afghan settlers in Australia: Experiences, satisfaction and belonging by Andrew Markus
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  • MPP Readers’ Survey