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21 juin 2016

Migration in Namibia: A Country Profile 2015

As a country of origin, transit and destination, migration dynamics in Namibia are complex, and the country is in need of a comprehensive national migration policy to be developed by the government. However, due to lack of relevant data across ministries and agencies, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has aimed to support the development of a national migration profile in order to collect, analyse and report on migration-related data, which is to be collected across ministries, departments and agencies. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration (MHAI) and IOM promote the mainstreaming of migration into the policymaking process by developing a migration profile, which will include insights on trends and characteristics of migration in Namibia, the impact of migration on socio-economics, political and health aspects within the country, and existing governance frameworks; this will feed into migration initiatives currently in motion to enhance coordination within the government, such as through the creation of a Migration Department within the MHAI.