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17 oct 2015

Migration in Kenya: A Country Profile 2015

Migration in Kenya: A Country Profile provides an overview of Kenya’s migration data, trends and the country’s legal framework and governance structures as they pertain to migration. The report also describes the impact of migration on the country’s health, environment and socioeconomic development. The report can be considered a first step towards an integrated and effective migration data management framework for the country. The migration profiling exercise was undertaken at the request of the Government of Kenya, through the Department of Immigration, and with funding from the IOM Development Fund.

  • Technical working group
  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • Acronyms
  • Foreword
  • Country map and key statistics
  • Executive summary
  • A: Migration trends and migrant characteristics
    • A.1 Irregular migration
    • A.2 Immigration
    • A.3 Temporary migration
    • A.4 Emigration
    • A.5 Return migration
    • A.6 Internal migration
  • B: Impact of migration
    • B.1 Migration and population change
    • B.2 Migration and economic development
    • B.3 Migration, employment and the labour market
    • B.4 Migration and social development
    • B.5 Migration and health
    • B.6 Migration and the environment
  • C: Migration and governance
    • C.1 Policy framework
    • C.2 Laws and regulations (national, regional and international levels)
    • C.3 Institutional framework
    • C.4 International cooperation
  • D: Key findings and recommendations
    • D.1 Main findings on current trends, the impact of migration and migration policies
    • D.2 Recommendations regarding the migration governance framework
    • D.3 Recommendations on mainstreaming migration into development policies
    • D.4 Recommendations on improvements to migration statistics and the overall evidence base
  • Annexes
  • References