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16 oct 2015

Migration Initiatives Appeal 2005

The yearly Migration Initiatives (MI) reflects IOM's planned responses to migration needs in a calendar year. It also serves as a tool to engage counterparts in discussions on migration, issues and possible concrete measures and to seek support for our programme priorities.

MI 2005 seeks to provide forward-looking responses to the emerging migration/ humanitarian challenges, identified migration needs and the priorities of IOM's stakeholders. In order to better reflect key migration issues at the country and regional level, MI 2005 adopted a programmatic approach (rather than project focused).

This edition also includes IOM's input to the UN Inter-Agency Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) for 2005. For 2005, overall IOM funding requirements total USD 394,734,815.

  • Annotations
  • Foreword
  • Africa and the Middle East
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Multi-Regional Consolidated Appeals 2005
  • Total Funding Requirements