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21 sep 2018

Migration Health Annual Report 2017

The International Organization’s (IOM) Migration Health Division acts with Member States, UN agencies and other partners in the international community to meet the operational challenges of migration, advance understanding of migration health issues, encourage social and economic development through migration, and work towards ensuring respect of the human dignity and well-being of migrants. This report provides a snapshot of IOM’s health activities in 2017 and presents key achievements under three broad themes: (a) partnerships in migration health; (b) migration health in the context of crisis; and (c) disease prevention and response. The report illustrates IOM’s growing multidimensional migration health activities and partnerships in 2017, and demonstrates IOM’s commitment to advancing the health of migrants and their families worldwide, as well as supporting IOM Member States in addressing migration health challenges.

  • MHD in a Snapshot
  • Partnerships in Migration Health
  • Migration Health in Crisis Context
  • Disease Prevention and Response