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03 déc 2015

Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Policy Brief Series Issue 8 | Vol. 1 | December 2015

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Building on the main results of the MECLEP case study in Haiti, this policy brief explores how different forms of human mobility relate to household vulnerability in three Haitian municipalities (La Marmelade, Les Gonaïves and Port-au-Prince).  Recurrent (including seasonal) migration seems to be associated with the lowest levels of household vulnerability. 

The authors recommend policies aimed at fostering the potential of migration as part of positive adaptation strategies, while also  preventing and reducing displacement risks. Besides Haiti’s migration policy (currently under discussion), migration and its  relationship with household vulnerability is interconnected with several policy areas that would benefit from mainstreaming migration.

  • Introduction
  • MECLEP survey in Haiti
  • Migration and household vulnerability: MECLEP study results
  • Policy implications