Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Policy Brief Series Issue 3 | Vol. 3 | December 2017

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ISSN 2410-4930
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Climate change has been affecting Ghana to a significant degree in the past 10 to 15 years. Its adverse effects have increased the frequency and intensity of natural hazards, which in turn have led to disasters and changed migration patterns. Human-made hazards further augment the livelihood loss and food insecurity created by natural hazards, leading to a rise in migration. The increased migration intensifies the impacts of natural and human-made hazards, thereby creating a feedback loop.

This brief aims to provide policymakers with an understanding of these phenomena. It analyses the complex interconnections between migration, environment and climate change (MECC) in Ghana, reviews the Government’s past and current efforts towards addressing this nexus, and proposes recommendations on the way forward.

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  • Introduction
  • Environmental impact on migration
  • Environmental changes and impacts on migration in Ghana
  • International and national policies
  • Recommendations
  • References