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03 oct 2015

Migration and International Legal Norms

Migration and International Legal Norms provides a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the source and scope of international law on migration. Chapters written by experts from around the world explore international norms on state authority to regulate migration, freedom of movement, forced migration, human rights, family unification, trafficking and smuggling of migrants, national security, rescue at sea, health, development, integration, and nationality.

Migration and International Legal Norms shows that, despite the absence of a comprehensive legal instrument governing international migration, there is a wide range of legal norms relevant to migration embodied in multilateral treaties and conventions, regional agreements, and customary international law. The volume also identifies some significant gaps in international law, recommending areas for further cooperative efforts.


Available from Cambridge University Press


  • State authority and responsibility
  • Emigration and freedom of movement
  • Family unification, human rights of migrants
  • Migration and security 
  • Labour migration 
  • Integration 
  • Migration and development 
  • Forced migration 
  • Nationality 
  • Children and migration 
  • Return 
  • Protection of asylum seekers and refugees rescued at sea 
  • Migration and health 
  • Combating smuggling and trafficking 
  • Migration elements of trade law
  • Inter-state co-operation on migration