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21 déc 2016

La Reducción de la Vulnerabilidad de los Migrantes Guatemaltecos en Situaciones de Emergencia en el Origen, Tránsito y Destino

Guatemala is the country of origin of sizeable migration flows. Most Guatemalan migrants move North and settle temporarily or permanently in Mexico, or transit through Mexico on their way to the United States of America. Their lives, integrity and assets are threatened by a variety of factors, both along their migration routes and in their destinations – including violence, abuses and kidnappings and the numerous natural hazards that periodically hit various areas of North America. 
This study looks at current emigration trends out of Guatemala, migratory routes and migrant stocks in areas of destination, and analyses how migration status, living and working conditions of Guatemalan international migrants shape their vulnerability in the face of these natural and man-made hazards. Finally, it examines the institutional structures, and their mandates and capacities, Guatemala and the countries hosting most of its migrants have in place to assist them when they are affected by crises abroad.