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ISBN 92-9068-178-0
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86 pages
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29 sep 2015

Irregular Migration and Trafficking in Women : The Case of Turkey

This report provides a comprehensive view of the mechanisms and institutions involved in the trafficking of women in Turkey. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the issue and to propose necessary remedies and policy measures to address this phenomenon. The study examines the environment and social contexts, private and public perceptions of and attitudes towards trafficking in women, the role and attitude of intermediaries, of public officials, and the attempts to address the issue through legislative means by providing appropriate grounds for the indictment of the perpetrators and legal redress for the victims.

  • Executive Summary
  • Part I : Irregular Migration and Trafficking in Women in Turkey
    • The International and Regional Context
    • Irregular Migration to Turkey : What do Statistics Reveal ?
    • Legal Framework
    • The Role of the Media in Influencing Public Opinion
  • Part II: Survey Findings
    • Methodology 
    • The Official Perspective
    • The Views of Embassy and Consular Officials
    • The View from Istanbul
    • Modes of Trafficking and Deception Activities and Testimonies
  • Concluding Remarks