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19 oct 2015

International Migration Law N°29 - Laws for Legal Immigration in the 27 EU Member States

Volume 2 (Armenian)

International Migration Law N°29 - “Laws for Legal Immigration in the 27 EU Member States. Comparative Study of the Laws in the 27 Member States for Legal Immigration including an Assessment of the Conditions and Formalities Imposed by each Member State for Newcomers” Volume 2 (Armenian) aims at providing an overview and analysis of the conditions for legal immigration for third country nationals, with a view to examining the benefits and possibilities of common policies in this field at the EU level.  Several immigration categories, such as family reunification, work, studies and training are examined.  The Study also covers visa policies, general conditions for immigration, i.e. regardless the immigration category, and conditions for obtaining a permanent residence permit, as well as cooperation with third countries.  The study includes country reports for each of the 27 EU Member States.

Volume II includes country reports for Lithuania, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Malta, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, and France.

The Armenian version of the Comparative Study was prepared within the framework of IOM’s “Strengthening Evidence-Based Management of Labour Migration in Armenia” Project (funded by the European Commission) and its co-funding Project “Raising Awareness towards Possible Approximation of Armenian Legislation on Migration Management with EU Acquis” (funded by the IOM Development Fund).