International Dialogue on Migration No. 15 - Enhancing the Role of Return Migration in Fostering Development

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This publication includes the materials of the two-day workshop on “Enhancing the Role of Return Migration in Fostering Development” held in Geneva, Switzerland on 7 and 8 July 2008. The publication opens with an executive summary of lessons learned and effective approaches for policymakers on the subject of return migration based on two workshops which took place under the 2008 IDM “Return Migration: Challenges and Opportunities”. Part I contains the report of the workshop, based on the presentations and discussions. Part II includes the workshop agenda and background paper.

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Executive summary: Lessons Learned and Effective Approaches for Policymakers
     ●   Part I: Workshop Report
          •  Acronyms and abbreviations
          •  Introduction
          •  The Workshop
          •  Overview and Key Findings
          •  Return Migration in a Globalized World
          •  Returnees as Potentials Agents of Development
          •  Conditions for Return Migration
          •  Measures to Increase the Positive Impact of Return Migration on Development
          •  Making Return Work for Development: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
          •  Conclusion
     ●   Part II: Workshop Agenda and Background Paper
          •  Workshop Agenda
          •  Background Paper
     ●  Annex