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International Dialogue on Migration No. 4 - 84th Session of the Council, 2-4 December 2003

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Volume 4 of the Red Book Series was developed in response to questions and issues discussed at the plenary session and in the workshops for policy makers at the International Dialogue on Migration of the 84th session of the IOM Council. Its purpose is to provide a more detailed review of the challenges policy makers throughout the world encounter when developing comprehensive approaches to migration management particularly with respect to 1) Integration, 2) Irregular Migration, and 3) Diaspora Support to Migration and Development. These policy papers are not intended to offer any ready-made responses. Instead, they seek to inspire and promote further discussion among the Member and Observer States of the IOM, and among intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

  • Trends in International Migration
  • Elements of a Comprehensive Migration Approach
  • Plenary Statements
  • Workshop Discussion Paper
  • Integration
  • Comprehensive and Solutions-Oriented Approaches to Irregular Migration
  • Diaspora Support to Migration and Development