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ISBN 984-32-1236-3
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29 sep 2015

Institutionalising Diaspora Linkage: The Emigrant Bangladeshis in UK and USA

The emigrant population has certain emotional, social and cultural requirements, which they fulfil by maintaining a certain degree of relationship with their origin country. This in many cases result in strong economic, social and cultural interactions. Because of these links, Bangladesh along with the host countries has made significant gains from long-term emigration of a section of its population.

This study is an attempt to provide the policy makers, civil society organisations, private sector and the emigrant community with necessary information to develop policies and strategies in this regard. The study is focused on two major destinations of long term Bangladeshi immigrants, the UK and the US. Expatriate Bangladeshis (EBs) have made their mark in diverse fields in many countries. The second generations is showing great success in entering politics and the main stream media. They have also been forming different associations. More importantly, they have helped in developing a pan Bangladeshi identity in their countries of residence. It was found in the study that the deep emotional attachments of the first generation EBs do not automatically passed on to the second generation. Different innovative steps have to be undertaken by the state, civil society and the private sector in Bangladesh to institutionalise the Diaspora linkage. On the basis of the findings of the study, some recommendations have been made. These have been grouped in three sets. The first set of recommendations deal with policy issues. The second set is made to address the concerns of the EBs and to build their confidence on commitment of the government towards them. The third aim at institutionalising the mutually beneficial relationship among EBs and Bangladesh through concrete measures.

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Global Experiences of Diaspora
  • Bangladesh Diaspora: Cases of the UK and US
  • Case Studies of Some Successful EBs
  • Associations and Media of EBs
  • Survey Findings
  • Current Level of Linkage
  • Participation in Economic Development Process
  • Role of the Government of Bangladesh
  • Summary and Recommendations