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08 oct 2015

Immigration and Border Management Programme - Newsletter

The Immigration and Border Management (IBM) programme has evolved steadily in recent years in response to the need for innovative solutions to manage ever-increasing migration flows. The IBM team – a core group of specialists in both Headquarters and strategic locations in the Field – is committed to supporting this evolution by providing the highest quality of service to IOM’s Member States.

This newsletter – the first one specifically dedicated to IBM projects – provides an overview of some of the projects either being implemented or being planned under the IBM programme. The showcased projects reflect the diversity of our work under the IBM programme and our commitment to design solutions that align with the needs and realities of our government partners with a constant concern for reliability, flexibility and long-run sustainability.

In 2010, the IBM programme had over 300 active projects globally with a value of nearly USD 90 million. Throughout the year, 65 new projects were launched. These projects underscore ongoing government commitment to improve visa processing and migration and border management, and they all contribute towards IOM’s global objective of promoting humane and orderly migration.

  • IOM Sri Lanka to conduct a migration and border management exercise in the Maldives
  • Capacity-building in migration management in South Sudan
  • Capacity-building in migration management in Haiti
  • Russian Federation: The Rosgranitsa Interactive Learning Centre
  • The African Capacity-building Centre: Capacity-building in migration and identity management within Africa
  • Enhancing border management capacity along the Kenya–Somalia border
  • Solomon Islands’ border strengthening programme
  • IOM Timor-Leste develops a border management information system for the Migration Service
  • Identity management in Central America
  • Immigration and visa support services: Australian visa applications in Viet Nam
  • Personal identification and registration system (PIRS)
  • Mobile border processing units pilot project
  • Visa application centres
  • The IBM programme: Facts and figures