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18 jan 2019

Illegale Einwanderung in Österreich

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This study deals with illegal employment of third-country nationals in Austria. Illegal employment is defined as an economic activity carried out in violation of provisions set forth in legislation, specifically the Act Governing the Employment of Foreigners. In particular, the study takes a look at the following aspects of illegal employment: (i) prevention measures, (ii) identification of illegal employment, (iii) sanctions for employers, and (iv) consequences for third-country nationals found to be working illegally. The study also presents available statistical data and highlights challenges and good practices.

  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • 1. Legal Framework and Policy Developments
    • 1.1 Legal definition of illegal residence in Austrian legislation
    • 1.2 Basic rights and minority rights of illegally resident immigrants in Austria
    • 1.3 Main legislative and policy developments affecting the status of illegally resident immigrants
    • 1.4 Legal options to obtain a residence title (other than through regularisation campaigns, e.g. through refugee status or marriage) and respective prerequisites
  • 2. Stocks and Profiles
    • 2.1 Main collectors of data on illegal immigration
    • 2.2 Estimates of illegally resident and/or working immigrants in Austria
    • 2.3 Profiles of illegally resident immigrants
      • 2.3.1 Statistics on apprehensions of illegally entering and/or residing immigrants and cases of smuggling of human beings provided by the Minstriy of Interior
      • 2.3.2 Data on illegally resident immigrants provided by NGOs and welfare institutions
  • 3. State Approaches
    • 3.1 Measures to prevent illegal immigration
    • 3.2 Domestic control measures
    • 3.3 Voluntary and forced return
    • 3.4. Measures of rectification and remedy
      • 3.4.1 Legal Status
      • 3.4.2 Social services:
      • 3.4.3. Educational facilities
      • 3.4.4 Work
  • 4. Social and Economic Situation, Political Participation
    • 4.1 Social situation
    • 4.2 Economic situation
    • 4.3 Political participation
  • 5. The Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Host Country
    • 5.1 Main actors addressing the issue of illegal immigration and the perception of illegally resident immigrants by the host society
    • 5.2 The relevance of illegal immigration for the regular and the informal economy
    • 5.3 The economic impact: costs and benefits for the host society
    • 5.4 Estimation of lost fiscal revenue due to the undeclared employment of illegally resident immigrants
    • 5.5 The impact on society: integration problems and urban areas
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography
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