Handbook on Migration Terminology (Russian-English)

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The Russian Federation presently ranks amongst the highest in the world on migration flows volume. Therefore, effective migration management is the task of top priority for Russia, which can be facilitated only by means of developing partnership and coordination with other countries. In turn high-grade international cooperation in the field of migration calls for common understanding of basic migration terms and concepts by all the parties.

The present Handbook on Migration Terminology (based on the International Migration Law N°1 – Glossary on Migration (Geneva, 2004) and International Migration Law N°2 – Glossary on Migration (Russian) (Geneva, 2005)) has been specially developed to achieve this practical goal. This Handbook, in contrast to the previous editions, incorporates simultaneously both English and Russian versions. For more informatively, obviousness and convenience all the terms are facing one another on a double-page spread. The combined version of Handbook on Migration Terminology helps to better grasp its essence as well as provides for application of unified terminology. In general, the Glossary will serve as a useful tool for further development of international cooperation between the Russian Federation and other states on migration related issues. At the same time present Handbook will be of use for wider Russian- and English-speaking audience.

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