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12 oct 2015

Global Migration Issues, Vol. 3 - A New Perspective on Human Mobility in the South

This book offers innovative insights on South–South human mobility. It features a collection of papers that highlight often overlooked mobility patterns among and within regions in the global South as well as address critical realities faced by South-South migrants.

This publication thoroughly investigates key issues of the migration debate, spanning from the terminological and contextual meaning of migration and development. It also critically examines some of the key features that human mobility in the global South is characterized by, including the prevalence of intra-regional and labor mobility, the role of diasporas communities in developing countries, South-South remittances patterns, the influence of environmental factors on the decision to migrate and the rising number of child migrants.

By carefully moving the lens from the frequently examined South–North and North–North movements to human mobility within the Southern regions of the world, this book questions the traditional conception of the migration paradigm. It offers knowledge and insights that will help to expand the debate as well as stimulate further research on this important topic and, hopefully, promote future activities aimed at the protection of migrants and their families living in the South. As a result, it is an ideal resource for migration scholars, policy-makers and development practitioners.

Should you be interested in preparing titles for this series, please contact the overall series editor Mr. Frank Laczko (flaczko@iom.int).

  1. Introduction: The South–South Migration and Development Nexusby Susanne Melde, Rudolf Anich, Jonathan Crush, John O. Oucho
  2. Intra- and Extraregional Migration in the South: The Case of Africa by Bernard Mumpasi Lututala
  3. Labor Mobility, Regional Integration and Social Protection in Southern Economies by John O. Oucho
  4. Diasporas of the South by Abel Chikanda, Jonathan Crush
  5. Impact of Remittances in Developing Countries by Manuel Orozco, Caryn Gay Ellis
  6. Environmental Change and (Im)Mobility in the South by Eberhard Weber 
  7. Migration of Children in ACP Countries: Of Their Own Free Will or by Force? by Olivia Tiffoche


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