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30 sep 2015

Global Eye on Human Trafficking (Issue 13) - September 2013

In this 13th issue of The Global Eye on Human Trafficking, we explore prevention:  how best can we prevent human trafficking before it occurs, and thereby save the individuals and communities from its damaging impact? Certainly the most common approach to preventing human trafficking over the years has been to focus on raising awareness – of the public at large, or of people who might be particularly vulnerable to exploitation. But does this approach really work? In the 13 years that we’ve had the Palermo Protocol, and with a significant investment of resources, what have our information campaigns achieved? Phil Marshall and Tara Dermott debate the issue in ‘Perspectives’.

We profile the work of Mr. Tristan Forster who, with his private company FSI, is trying to protect migrant workers through the recruitment process. From the Polaris Project, Sarah Jakyel talks about the importance of empowering migrant workers to know and assert their human and labour rights, and also about the need for a communication point, such as a telephone hotline, to which they can report abuses.

Finally, we are all aware of the ways in which technology is being abused to facilitate human exploitation, but it can also be used positively.  IOM’s own Jenny Agis reports on some of the innovative ways in which technology is being used as a prevention tool.

  • Editorial:  Human Trafficking Prevention
  • Cover story: “Corporate Social Responsibility in Action: An Interview with FSI CEO Tristan Forster”
  • Prevention
    • “Lessons Learned: Strategies for Preventing Labour Trafficking and Exploitation in the U.S.”
    • Perspectives
      • Awareness raising according to Tara Dermott
      • Awareness raising according to Phil Marshall
    • “Technology and New Innovations to Prevent Human Trafficking”
  • Country Focus:  Haiti Country Profile
  • Publications and events
  • Opinion: “The Increase of Xenophobia and Human Trafficking: Endemic Problems of Today’s Globalization”