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06 oct 2015

Global Eye on Human Trafficking (Issue 11) - March 2012

IOM’s eleventh issue of the Global Eye on Human Trafficking takes a closer look at human trafficking and labour exploitation of migrants in two particularly affected industries – small-scale gold mining and fishing. This issue explores the practices and conditions that foster such abuses in these sectors in different parts of the world. 

Another contribution focuses on the particular situation of Iraq, where some international companies have been found to employ exploited and/or trafficked migrants in the construction, domestic and service sectors. 
This issue then goes on to explore some of the responses and promising practices to combating the exploitation of migrant workers. We highlight a cooperative initiative in Indonesia in which the International Organization for Migration, the United Nations Population Fund and the World Health Organization have teamed up with the Indonesian Government to empower and protect victims of trafficking. 

Recognizing the importance of eliminating demand for trafficked labour as a key element in preventing this crime, we also draw attention to a new law in California that aims to encourage businesses to play an active role in combating trafficking. Another article explores a landmark case in which the courts have obliged an employer to pay outstanding wages to exploited migrant workers in Azerbaijan. 
On a final note, this issue considers the exploitation and abuse faced by migrants en route. Specifically, the author points to the evolving links between trafficking and smuggling, as criminal groups broaden their realm of activity to include kidnapping of migrants and extortion.

  • Gold rush in Kédougou, Senegal: Protecting migrants and local communities 
  • Editorial 
  • The new gold rush in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest 
  • The cost of Iraq’s reconstruction: Trafficked labour migrants 
  • Fishing industry in South-East Asia rife with human trafficking
  • Exploited migrant workers successfully claim their rights: Landmark case in Azerbaijan 
  • Calling for business to proactively fight trafficking in persons: The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 
  • Empowering and protecting victims of trafficking in Indonesia: A two-year joint programme 
  • The grim reality of smuggling economics and migrant abuse
  • Publications