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Extended Migration Profile of the Republic of Moldova

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission to Moldova is proud to present the result of a two years work in the field of migration data collecting and analysis in Moldova - the Extended Migration Profile (EMP) Report of the Republic of Moldova, developed in context of the project “Supporting the implementation of the migration and development component of the EU–Moldova Mobility Partnership”, funded by EU and implemented by IOM.

The present EMP report is a country-owned tool, prepared in consultation with a broad range of government and non-government stakeholders, to be used to enhance policy coherence, evidence-based policymaking and the mainstreaming of migration into development planning. The EMP report comports four elementary blocks of information and analysis, Part A: Migration trends; Part B: Migration impact; Part C: Migration management framework; and Part D: Main findings, policy Implications and recommendations.

In light of this structure, the report offers: a description of key migratory trends and migrants’ characteristics in Part A; an analysis of the impact of migration on development in terms of the interlinkages with demographic, economic, labour force employment and labour market, social and public health development in Part B; a succinct explanation of existing migration policies and governance frameworks within national and regional contexts in Part C; and policy recommendations and actions on how to promote more effective and humane management of migration, ensure policy coherence across various sectors, and help maximize the positive impact of migration on development and minimize associated risks and negative effects in Part D.

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    • Part A: Migration trends
    • Part B: Migration impact
    • Part C: Migration Management Framework
    • Part D: Key Findings, Policies’ Implications and Recommendations
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