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06 oct 2015

Environmentally-induced Population Displacements and Environmental Impacts Resulting from Mass Migration

Prompted by the debates that took place during the 1992 Nyon Conference on “Migration and the Environment”, the International Symposium on “Environmentally Induced Population Displacements and Environmental Impacts Resulting from Mass Migrations” took place in April 1996 in Chavannes-des-Bogis, Switzerland, in order to go deeper into the question of how to break through the vicious circle of mutually reinforcing environmental damage and mass migration. It further examined potential strategies to discontinue the interrelationship between environmentally triggered migration and environmental damage. The discussions moved towards the development of policy guidelines and action to be taken in order to minimize the environmental damage caused by mass migration. This publication presents the statement of principles that was produced during the Symposium, introducing practical measures to prevent, alleviate and reverse the environmental impact of mass migration, as well as a number of background papers produced to promote exchanges among the participants. The experience and expertise of the 60 participants from diverse backgrounds proved very useful in identifying, analysing and evaluating more carefully the gravity of the negative impact of environmental destruction in its wider socioeconomic and political context.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • List of acronyms used throughout the book
  • Statement of Principles
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • I. Environmentally-Induced Population Displacements
  • II. Environmental Impacts Resulting from Mass Migrations
  • III. Bridging Migration and Environmental Impacts
  • Summary of Proceedings
  • Extracts of Main Contributions
  • Documents made available at the Symposium
  • Symposium Agenda
  • List of Participants