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24 sep 2015

Environmental Degradation, Migration, Internal Displacement, and Rural Vulnerabilities in Tajikistan

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As part of the IOM project on “Building Coordination, Training and Research Capacities of the Government of Tajikistan to Manage Migration”, this report was released in May 2012.  IOM collaborated with the national Research Centre “Sharq” in the production of the report which based its finding on qualitative and quantitative surveys in four districts with various types of environmental degradation and migration concerns.  

Among the many findings in the report, the report revealed that climate change in Tajikistan, together with the local negative impact of environmental degradation, has significantly affected the living habits of local communities, sometimes compelling them to resettle involuntarily.

  • Acknowledgements
  • General Provisions
  • Key Findings
  • Background
  • Research Questions & Methodology
  • Research Results
  • Conclusion & Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Literature References
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