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25 nov 2015

Changing Patterns and Trends of Trafficking in Persons in the Balkan Region

IOM counter-trafficking service has released an assessment on the changing patterns and trends of trafficking in persons in the Balkan region. On the basis of the assessment, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, recommendations could be made for tackling the new dimensions of the problem, in terms of response and of prevention, to the relevant authorities, including IOM, law enforcement agencies and government. The assessment was conducted on two separate but interlinked dimensions: Victims of trafficking and victims’ assistance and protection and Organized crime and law enforcement reaction. The assessment targeted Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the Province of Kosovo (Serbia and Montenegro), the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and the Republic of Moldova – the latter being a major source country for trafficking in human beings to the Balkans region as well as to many other parts of the world. Between January and March 2004, visits were made to all designated countries. In each location, the consultants interviewed relevant stakeholders working directly with victims of trafficking, in order to receive first-hand information and impressions as well as relevant law enforcement agencies including various sections of police forces, border police, representatives of the ministry of justice, lawyers representing trafficking victims, representatives of the ministry of interior, and members of international police missions and military forces, and, in some cases, embassy personnel were consulted. Shelters and reintegration programmes were visited and, where possible, referral procedures were observed. IOM, non-governmental organizations, government bodies and international organizations also provided written information. Police stations, border posts and some locations suspected of being bases for trafficking and prostitution were also visited.

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