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25 jan 2016

Asylum Procedures: Report on Policies and Practices in IGC Participating States (2015)

For the last three years, IGC Participating States have sought to adapt and improve their legal and procedural frameworks for asylum determination, while enhancing the quality, efficiency and integrity of asylum procedures. IGC States have also developed innovative approaches to managing increasing pressures on their status determination and reception systems, and renewed efforts to address abuses of the asylum system. 

With information sourced directly from governments, the report provides an authoritative description of the procedure for receiving and processing asylum applications in the 16 States which take part in the IGC process, and contributes uniquely to the existing literature on these topics. 

The report includes: 

  • An Introduction summarising the main developments in refugee protection and asylum systems at the national, regional and global level since 2012, with a focus on Syria and Eritrea, vulnerable caseloads and resettlement; 
  • 16 standardised Country Chapters on asylum policy and asylum determination practices as well as information on pre-entry measures, decision-making, reception, return and integration; 
  • Statistical data on applications and decisions in each country report; 
  • Annexes on comparative statistical data, and relevant extracts of international law instruments and UNHCR ExCom conclusions. 

Note: government officials from the 16 IGC Participating States can order a hardcopy of the report free of charge by contacting the IGC Secretariat directly.  

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