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16 sep 2015

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Annual Report of Activities 2010

The Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration 2010 Annual Report outlines IOM’s work implemented during 2010 in the areas of ‘Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration’ (AVRR) and `Post-Arrival and Reintegration Assistance` (PARA) exclusively implemented in countries of origin to assist both migrants returning voluntarily with IOM and migrants returned by governments. 

The report includes the main highlights related to IOM’s work on AVRR globally, a description of the concept of assisted voluntary return and reintegration, as well as a regional analysis of AVRR/PARA best practices and trends in 2010. In addition, the report includes information on the work implemented by IOM Missions around the globe in order to foster dialogue and partnership among governments in countries of destination, transit and origin and ensure strengthened cooperation among all stakeholders for a more successful and sustainable implementation of AVRR projects. Finally, the report outlines the work done by IOM Missions, governments and partners in in the fields of research and evaluations linked to Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration. 

The report reflects that the positive contributions of AVRR to Governments, migrants and societies at large cannot be disconnected from the ongoing and growing network of IOM’s partners and governmental counterparts worldwide. These partnerships have allowed IOM to provided Member States with a comprehensive level of services while guaranteeing at the same time a relevant pool of expertise in promoting assisted voluntary return and reintegration policies at national, regional and global levels.

  • List of Figures
  • List of Acronyms
  • Foreword
  • 2010: AVRR at a glance
  • Chapter 1: Understanding AVRR
    •     AVRR: The concept
    •     IOM expertise and the historical evolution of AVRR
    •     AVRR and migration management
    •     Comparative advantages of AVRR
    •     Reintegration assistance and sustainable returns
  • Chapter 2: Regional trends
    •     Europe
    •     Americas
    •     Asia and Oceania
    •     Australia and Oceania
    •     Africa and the Middle East
  • Chapter 3: Linkage between pre-return information and reintegration provision in countries of origin
  • Chapter 4: Capacity-building and partnerships
  • Chapter 5: International dialogue and multilateral cooperation for AVRR
    •     International meetings
    •     International official visits
    •     Information sharing
  • Chapter 6: Greater sustainability of AVRR through monitoring, evaluation and research studies
    •     Assessing sustainability of assisted voluntary returns
    •     Monitoring, evaluation and research studies
  • Index of Publications
    •     IOM publications related to AVRR
    •     External publications related to AVRR
  • Glossary
  • Annex I: Global AVRR statistics from the perspective of sending countries, 2000–2010
  • Annex II: Global AVRR statistics from the perspective of receiving countries, 2000–2010