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24 nov 2015

5+5 Dialogue Newsletter, Issue Num. 1, September 2004

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This regular newsletter intends to enhance information exchange on migration dynamics and trends in the Western Mediterranean region. Created at the request of Morocco following the Second Ministerial Meeting of the 5+5 Dialogue on Migration, a discussion forum on migration issues between ten countries of the Western Mediterranean (Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia), the Dialogue 5+5 Newsletter serves as a tool to learn more about initiatives, projects and best practices in the region, thus contributing to strengthen a regional dialogue on migration.

  • General: Interview with the Minster Chekrouni
  • Focus on the Puebla Process
  • Regional: Seminar 4+5 Libya
  • 2nd Ministerial Meeting Final Report
  • 3rd Ministerial Meeting in Algiers
  • An Economic Dimension to Migrations in the 5+5: Remittances
  • National: PROCHE/Tunisia
  • Tetouan/Morocco
  • Interview with Mr. Silveri, DG at the Ministry of Labour in Italy
  • Useful Links: Institutional Links
  • Other Links
  • IOM Contacts