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10 Nov 2015

MRS No. 22 - Migration and Development: Opportunities and Challenges for Policymakers

This paper is intended to guide policymakers through challenges posed by migration and development. It is intended to be an accessible guide to the policy implications drawn from the burgeoning literature on migration and development. Its primary aim is to further the important and timely process of mapping out the policy options in this area, especially across the spectrum of channels that form the migration-development nexus.

  • Introduction
  • Key Issues in Migration and Development
  • People flows
  • Financial flows
  • Diasporic flows
  • Policy Options
  • Adopt codes of conduct
  • Encourage bilateral temporary migration agreements
  • Encourage retention in "brain strain hotspots"
  • Increase fiscal transfers to developing countries
  • Encourage circular migration
  • Lower the costs of remittance transfers
  • Use remittances to strengthen financial systems
  • Enhance the impact of remittances
  • Enhance the role of the diaspora
  • Conclusion
  • Building a better evidence base
  • Increasing policy coherence and coordination
  • Ensuring policy effectiveness
  • Greater international dialogue and cooperation
  • Bibliography