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Migration in the Americas: No. 2, June 2005

Migration in the Americas is a quarterly newsletter that provides insight to IOM activities in the Western Hemisphere. This publication includes articles written in both English and Spanish.

Migration in the Americas June 2005 edition includes articles from the Caribbean, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and the United States.

Colombian pop star Shakira inaugurates a school for internally displaced children in Quibdó, Colombia.

Residents of Petit Goâve work together with Haitian government officials and UN soldiers on an IOM Haiti Transition Initiative project to build long lasting bridges.

El retorno de profesionales es vital para un país que renace luego de una Guerra.

Counter trafficking activities include an Exploratory Assessment of Trafficking in Persons in the Caribbean Region, a Caribbean regional counter trafficking training, the U.S. Return, Reintegration and Family Reunification Program, and the Counter-Trafficking Training Modules.

Migración y Educación: Una Experiencia en Costa Rica

Ex-combatant minors in Colombia develop a hand made greeting card business.

The modernization of Ecuador's passport system.

  • Shakira Inaugurates School
  • El retorno de professionals
  • HTI Building Bridges
  • Counter Trafficking Activities
  • Migración y Educatión
  • Ex-combatant Minors
  • Ecuador's Passport System