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16 Ene 2017

Curriculum on pre-departure orientation (Armenian)

Curriculum on pre-departure orientation was developed in support to the Government of the Republic of Armenia in developing of measures aimed at better protecting the rights of Armenian labour migrants abroad. The materials are foreseen for improvement of skills of the staff of Migration Resource Centres, non-governmental organizations and private recruitment agencies, dealing with potential and actual labour migrants. The curriculum provides the guideline for planning, preparing and conducting of training for adult audience and consists of brief description of five basic topics, necessary for organization of pre-departure training.
This curriculum is prepared within the framework of the IOM Armenia project “Strengthening Armenia's labor migration management capacities towards enhanced democracy and good governance” (funded by the Government of Romania).

  • Introduction
  • Labour migration as a part of the migration process
  • Migrants’ rights
  • General overview of migration in Armenia
  • Information Resource Centre's foreseen for migrants
  • Counselling to migrants