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10 Feb 2016

Cinquième Réunion mondiale des présidents et secrétariats des processus consultatifs régionaux sur la migration (PCR)

Etudier les défis contemporains de la migration :Réflexions sur les conclusions du Dialogue de haut niveau de 2013 sur les migrations internationales et le développement et sur le programme de développement pour l’après-2015
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To foster cooperation and mutual exchange between the regional consultative processes on migration (RCPs), IOM has been organizing since 2005 Global Meetings of RCP Chairs and Secretariats.  The Fifth Global Meeting of RCP Chairs and Secretariats was organized jointly by the League of Arab States and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on 21–22 October 2015, in Cairo, Egypt.  The report summarizes the discussions and key outcomes of the Meeting, which was held under the theme “Exploring Contemporary Migration Challenges: Reflecting on the Outcomes of the 2013 High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development and the Post-2015 Development Agenda.”  The report includes updates from 16 RCPs on their activities in 2013-2015.  The thematic topics discussed included the role of RCPs in protecting the human rights of all migrants, addressing forced migration, mixed migration flows, climate change as well as the cross-fertilization between RCPs and the Global Forum on Migration (GFMD) and cooperation between the RCPs and the civil society.  The event had a significant focus on the contribution of RCPs to implementing and reviewing the migration-related targets of the recently adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  - See more at: https://publications.iom.int/books/summary-report-fifth-global-meeting-chairs-and-secretariats-regional-consultative-processes#sthash.Lp4IR0ip.dpuf

  • List of Acronyms
  • Executive Summary
    • I. Setting the Scene: Regional Consultative Processes and the 2030 Agend for Sustainable Development
    • II. From Lima to Cairo: Taking Stock
    • III. Contribution of Regional Consultative Processes on Migration to Integrating Migration into the Global Development Policies
    • IV. Interaction between Regional Consultative Processes on Migration and the Global Forum on Migration and Developmen
    • V. Role of Regional Consultative Processes on Migration in Protecting the Human Rights of All Migrants in the Current Migration Context
    • VI. Role of Regional Consultative Processes on Migration in Addressing the Plight of Stranded Migrants
    • VII. Role of Regional Consultative Processes on Migration in Addressing Forced Migration
    • VIII. Enhancing Migration Partnerships and Cooperation
    • IX. Conclusion
      • Annex I: Chair’s Summary
      • Annex II: Provisional Agenda
      • Annex III: List of Participants