Internal Displacement Data Strategy 2021–2025

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03 Sep 2021

Internal Displacement Data Strategy 2021–2025

Strengthening Capacity and Leadership in Internal Displacement Data

The IDDS outlines a high-level course of action over the next five years for IOM to enhance its internal displacement data operations. The strategy is structured according to four strategic pillars (Assistance and Protection Data, Safeguards and Standards, Data Coordination, and Use and Accountability) that stem from IOM’s 2020-2025 Migration Data Strategy, giving specific focus to the unique demands of internal displacement data.

The strategy reflects IOM’s role in internal displacement contexts worldwide in providing crucial information on—and visibility to—Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Internal displacement data provides vital insight to guide the assistance of humanitarian, development, and peace actors on their operations as well as to support the development of well-informed, inclusive policies. Further, understanding the scale and characteristics of internal displacement within a country helps in the prevention of, preparation and response to crises.

Going forward, as the document draws a significant emphasis on partnerships, the IDDS will be complemented with more granular operational plans, developed in collaboration with internal stakeholders and external partners, including key Member States.