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04 Nov 2019

World Migration Report 2020: Chapter 4

Migration Research and Analysis: Growth, Reach and Recent Contributions
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The evidence originating from rigorous analysis and research on migration is the prime source and starting point for migration policymaking. It is also fundamental to migration practitioners, students, scholars and the public, as they examine aspects of migration and how they might be changing. A key challenge for many is how to determine the relevance and quality of an ever-growing body of migration research and analysis. It can often be overwhelming to identify what is important, and what should be afforded weight, when faced with virtual mountains of research output. This chapter is aimed in particular at those who would benefit from some broad guidance on this topic. It provides an overview of research and analysis on migration being undertaken and published by a range of actors – such as academics, governments, and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations – by building on the foundational chapter of the same name in the World Migration Report 2018.