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04 Nov 2019

World Migration Report 2020: Chapter 10

Migrants Caught in Crises: Contexts, Responses and Innovation
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The situations of people who have moved from their countries of origin only to find themselves caught in a crisis that threatens their security and ability to thrive are of growing concern to the international community. While crises affect both nationals and non-nationals, the ability of migrants to cope with their impacts may be reduced, due to conditions of vulnerability associated with migrants’ legal, economic and social status, as well as practical challenges, such as linguistic differences, geographic displacement and even cultural context, which can limit access to timely and understandable information, services, resources and safety. While not all migrants are equally affected in times of crisis, they are often among the most vulnerable, at increased risk and in need of specific support. Reflecting these realities, this chapter focuses on the experiences of migrants in crisis contexts, and the local, national and international responses to address their conditions and needs.