World Migration Report 2020: Chapter 1 (Russian)

Report Overview: Providing Perspective on Migration and Mobility in Increasingly Uncertain Times

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International migration is a complex phenomenon that touches on a multiplicity of economic, social and security aspects all around the world. In this overview chapter of IOM’s flagship publication, the World Migration Report 2020, readers will be able to access key trends, data and information at a glance. More than just an executive summary of the report, the overview chapter links the strategic “bigger picture” on migration and displacement dynamics to broader global transformations occurring around the world, especially as they related to (mis)information, political change and technology.

The World Migration Report 2020 seeks to use the body of available data, research and analysis on migration to help build the evidence base on some of the most important and pressing global migration issues of our time. By their very nature, the complex dynamics of global migration can never be fully measured, understood and regulated.